Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Man!

I am devoting today's post to my man. He is my husband, leader of our pack, he keeps me stable and sane when the chaos of our life threatens to engulf me. He encourages me even when I prefer to wallow in despair. He continually directs me to stay focused on the positive. I love it how he brings clarity to my thoughts when everything is foggy. He is incredibly patient with my inconsistency and mood swings. He is an amazing dad to our kiddo's and while he is not always perfect his intentions are always pure. He has a passion for the God who lifted him out of darkness, into the light and is completed devoted to serve Him for all of the days of his life.

3 1/2 years ago he gave up a highly successful law practice in exchange for offering himself solely to serve God through ministry. Not knowing what that "ministry" would look like he moved forward with vision and a desire to share the Truth that had so radically changed the trajectory of his life with others and wanted to be available be used by God. During these 3 1/2 years the vision has not always been clear and we still don't have a complete picture of how God will use him but Mike has never waivered in his passion and hope for what God has in store for him. He continues to work diligently on his book and has maintained such a consistent excitement for what lies ahead once it is published. He seizes each and every opportunity to find open doors and be eager to offer himself to serve. We have had our share of closed doors and have a great excitement that God will eventually open a door that will be the perfect fit for what Mike is designed to do. He is connected with an editor and agent who are helping him complete and market his book to publishers and is currently taking some graduate level classes in Apologetics. He recently was asked to participate with a local ministry organization in the area of developing content which will be used to equip high school students with foundations of Truth as they enter college environments. This new endeavor is exactly where Mike's passions lie so he is thrilled with this opportunity.

Contentment fills Mike as he has the confidence that he is right where God wants him to be. He loves being at home during the day, carpooling Joshua to and from preschool, shuttling the girls to gymnastics two days a week and one can often find him doing dishes and laundry. He is faithful to his exercise routine at the gym and believe it or not loves doting on our family cat, Sophie. He has acquired quite a large Twitter following and really likes composing tweets that encourage fellow Christians throughout the world in their daily walks. I do not know many men who would find contentment in these simple things but Mike loves it. I know that he is eager to embrace what God has in store but for the time being he is quite happy where he is planted.

Mike and his girls before the Daddy Daughter Dance back in Feb.

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Football and Fried Rice said...

I had no idea that Mike was taking classes! That's awesome!!