Monday, December 26, 2011

And now we return to the regularly scheduled updates: Back to School and Back to Work

Now that the Christmas festivities are complete I am returning to my regularly scheduled updating. I think I have about 6 more posts and I will be caught up. My goal is to begin 2012 with current posting so here we go...

After a wonderfully relaxing and non-eventful summer 3 members of the pack started back to school and I went back to work. Cody began his first year of high school, Grace started 3rd grade and Emily 1st. Our kids have the benefit of attending an incredible school. Mike and I are continually are amazed at how blessed we are to have our children spend their days saturated with a "Classical Education". We frequently say that if everything else was a bust with the move to Colorado, it would have all been worth it to have the kiddos in this school. Everyone in their lives while at school fill them with such encouragement, love and kindness and model for them character that will follow them forever. And I have the joy of working just a few steps away from the girls and even though Cody is on a different campus it is as if he was right with me.

As many of you know, I began working outside the home last year. My intentions were to only work for a year however, after a year of spending my days with people who have become my Colorado Family I just couldn't leave. I cannot begin to describe how much I enjoy my co-workers. We share relationships that are caring, full of encouragment and compassion and a whole bunch of fun. I think I laugh more with this gang than I have ever laughed in my life. I adore our students and their parents and am blessed to overflow by having the opportunity to love going to work. Yes, working does create difficulties particularly here at home when the house falls apart, and I feel incredibly guilty about not being a SAHM for Joshua but the joy that comes from being with my College Pathways Family out weighs having to scramble to keep up with the house chores. I really need this outlet. And I don't necessarily miss out on a whole lot in Cody, Grace and Emily's life because I am right there with them every day.

First Day! (actually 2nd day for Cody)

First Day for Cody

The girls walking to school..this is the path we take each morning minus the snow in the winter.

My girls and my office manager's daughter, these three enjoy mornings together before going to class. Blurry shot...UGH! Uploaded the wrong pic.

Grace got the FABULOUS, Mrs. White.....what a blessing!

And Emily, Mrs. Young....what a perfect match for my sweet girl and an answer to prayer. God is so very GOOD!

Here is a pic of a few of the ladies that I work with at a welcome home Joshua party my office manager planned. I absolutely love these gals!

And this one is my office manager, Nicky. She lights up my life. We sit across from each other every day and you would think we would tire of each other but we love every minute together. We are as different as night and day but have bonded like glue....I would do anything for her as she would for me. She makes me laugh, cry and loves my babies like they were her own. She is a beautiful British woman with so much spunk and fire and I love it that her "British ways" are rubbing off on me while my Southern-ness makes her laugh. She even has me drinking tea in the afternoon.

This is what I live with everyday...the fun never ends. Lovely "emergency attire" modeled by the Beautiful Nicky.

So far it has been a fabulous I said the one word I can think of that covers it all is:


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Football and Fried Rice said...

Funny to see sweaters on he first day of school :) sometimes, school is canceled here for heat in the beginning of the year!