Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pastor Appreciation (a little late)

As our hearts are turned toward giving thanks this time of year, I have been thinking about all of my blessings. My heart has been full of thankfulness for someone who is very special to our family and we had the wonderful pleasure of spending some time with him a few weeks ago as he traveled from Florida to visit with us and celebrate Mike's 50th Birthday. This special someone is known to our family as "Pastor Erick"
A few years ago Mike had the wonderful opportunity to meet the pastor of a new and growing church near our home in FL. His relationship with this pastor began with business as Mike was hired to assist the church in efforts to acquire land for a new church building. Little did we know that this early business relationship would be the beginning of what God had planned to be a beautiful friendship. Over the course of a few years we decided to visit this church and I guess you could say, "the rest is history". Not only did we feel as though we were "home" in this church but our friendship with Pastor Erick and his beautiful family grew and deepened in a way that we could have never suspected. Pastor Erick always made us feel so welcomed and treasured as we attended church and we all truly looked forward to going to services each week. Our Cody couldn't wait to hear Pastor Erick and the girls just loved Sunday School. It was such a sweet place to be and was made that way because of the man who leads the flock. In a day of mega churches where people attend churches and never get the opportunity to know their pastor intimately, I am so happy that I know my pastor and he knows me but most of all I am blessed to call him friend. Pastor Erick is a man who maintains the true meaning of shepherding his flock. He doesn't exalt himself above his congregation but frequently puts himself last. He truly sacrifices himself for his church and is the first one on the scene if someone is in need. He is tender, compassionate and most of all incredibly "real". He loves my family like his own and although he and my husband are very different I love seeing how much fun they have together. Erick's wife, Patty is as equally tenderhearted and loving and I just love to be in her presence. She is such a wonderful example of a loving wife and mom. Their 4 children are just precious and both Patty and Erick share the passions of our hearts for orphaned children having adopted their Jenna from Taiwan. Pastor Erick's recent visit was such a treat and reminded me that although physical distance may separate us, our family will ALWAYS consider Pastor Erick our "pastor" WE LOVE YOU ERICK!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ballet Girls

The girls started ballet class this year at a church nearby that has a fabulous dance program. Both of them look forward to dance class every week and my heart is beyond blessed each week as I observe my girls learning to dance before the Lord. Here are a few shots of them before class this week.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Well, I do believe that Old Man Winter has arrived. We had our 3rd snow storm of the season this past weekend and I will have to say that while last year I loved it every time the white stuff arrived, this year I am somewhat over it. Maybe, it is because last year I got to stay home in my warm and cozy house and this year I have to get out it in and drive. I am not a great driver and have been known to mow over mailboxes, back into parked cars and take out sides of garages. All of this in sunny FL weather. I am not ashamed to admit that I am a terrible driver and would be happy to have someone else drive everywhere I went. Well, you can imagine my confidence in driving on snow and ice packed roads. Thankfully, we purchased a big ol' SUV which makes it much easier for this FL driver but I would still rather stay at home. In addition to our SUV, we also now own a snow-blower. Never in my life did I think that we would have one of those in our garage but it is there and according to my man it makes clearing the driveway and sidewalks much easier. Well, the good news is ski season is just around the corner which makes the snow-storms worth it for me. I am now the owner of my own skis and boots and I hear the slopes calling my name. Happy Winter to everyone!

Fall Fun!

I absolutely LOVE Fall or Autumn! It is a time of year that is fresh, crisp and always is full of fun times. I enjoy the briskness of the weather, seeing the fall colors on the trees and of course all of the yummy fall foods. We have had some very special treats this fall which made the season more enjoyable. Visits with friends and family were wonderful. Fun excursions that created some very special memories for all of us and some early snowfall which the kids loved but I could do without.

Life has been so busy for us with homeschooling and trying to stay on top of our daily activities and in all honesty I have experienced some loneliness as I have longed for my FL friends and family so our special visits from these friends and family as we shared some Colorado fun were like oasis's in a dry desert. Here are some posts about our fun!

Grandma comes to Colorado

Mike's mom made the cross-country trek to high-altitude country to visit with us. We enjoyed having her for a short visit and tried to soak up as much Grandma time as possible. The girls made biscuits, we visited a Pumpkin Patch, and had high tea in a local castle as the snow gently fell outside (camera battery died during this event so I have no pics, double UGH!!!!). Mike and I were also treated to a very special birthday dinner compliments of Grace, Emily and Grandma. What a very special time we had with her. We have missed her so very much and just having a short time of loving on her and enjoying her love was a treat that we treasured. Grandma....thanks for coming!

A "Real" Pumpkin Patch

Having lived in FL for so many years our family trip to the Pumpkin Patch usually consisted of driving to a local church parking lot and walking through crates of pumpkins. It was a family tradition that I loved however, this year we had a special treat of going to a REAL Pumpkin Patch complete with a hayride and a corn maze. The kids loved it and even got to play in a "corn box" which was like a sand box instead it was filled corn. I also had an excuse to wear my new Stetson Hat that Mike bought me a few months ago. Making it more special was the fact that Mike's mom as here visiting and got to share in the fun as well.