Saturday, August 7, 2010

East Coast Adventures

Cody and I just returned from our whirlwind trip to the east coast. We spent 12 days in GA and FL and and enjoyed catching up with our family and friends. It was a sweet time coupled with some emotional difficulties as well but overall he and I were so thankful for the moments to spend with those people we love the most. Our trip began with our flight to Atlanta and 4 busy days of soaking in the goodness of my GA fam. We were able to attend a family reunion with my Nana's family and I was able to see aunts, uncles and cousins that I haven't seen in was just wonderful. My aunt and uncle hosted us all at their beautiful home and the food, well let me just say that I am a part of a big southern family where the women CAN cook. We enjoyed my grandparents pool and back yard, time with my cousin Leslie, her husband, Brian and their son Ryan and my best friend from college made the trip over from B'ham to spend the day with us. I was just as full as I could be after 4 days of being with my family. Here are some shots of our time in GA....
My cousin Leslie, my aunt Vicki, my Nana,
me and my Mom
3 Generations...we were missing my sister and our daughters who would have made it 4.

My aunt Vicki, my Nana and my mom

My GA Family

Me and my cousin Julie....we were best buds when we were kids, almost inseparable. I haven't seen her in probably 10 was so sweet catching up with her and meeting 2 of her 3 kiddo's
This is my nana and two of her siblings (one of her sisters was missing)

Cody and my cousin's son, Ryan doing what they do best.
Cody and my Granddaddy
My nana and my mom

Cody and his Nammy
Cody and the beautiful scenery of my aunt and uncles back yard
My Grandaddy, Aunt Geraldine and mom relaxing by the pool at my nana and granddaddy's.

More relaxing by my Aunt Vicki, cousin Leslie and Nana, being in my nana and granddaddy's back yard is like being in a botanical garden.

Cody and my cousins son, Ryan, the two of them were two peas in a pod
Cody and my other grandmother, Mee-mee

Me and my Mee-mee, it was so good to see her. She is my daddy's mom and hasn't been doing well. We spent the afternoon with her and it was such a wonderful time.
Ryan and Cody being silly in the pool
My nana and granddaddy have a diving board in their pool which was quite the hit for Cody.
More pool time.

After spending 4 days in GA we loaded the car with my mom and dad and headed south to FL where we spent a couple of days with my sister and her family and then a few days with my mom and dad. It was such a nice time. Cody hung out with my sister's kids, we swam, shopped, visited some of our favorite restaurants, I had a latte in my favorite coffee shop, we spent an afternoon at Downtown Disney with my parents and got fully saturated with the heat and humidity of central FL. There were some emotional moments that were reminders of the preciousness of life and family. I was reminded of how much I miss the closeness I used to share with my family. Being so far away is difficult, the distance and lack of frequent contact inevitably creates voids. Voids that make your heart ache for what used to be. Life doesn't stop just because you are not there. There is a moving on so to speak which can be difficult to digest. Saying goodbye was just gut-wrenching mainly because I love my family so very deeply and while I see the goodness God has brought in the life of our family since moving I hate the fact that the more time we are separated from our family the greater the emotional distance becomes. Nevertheless, our time in FL was treasured and we are still glowing in the warmth of being with all of our family.
Cody being silly with my nephew, Garrett
Me and my friend Robyn.

Me, Mike's Dad and Mom and Cody

Cody and his nammy
Cody and his BeeAll three
Me and my mom and dad

Soooo, that was a recap of our adventure to the east coast. I didn't get one pic of me and my sister. I just can't believe that we missed that one but then she and I are usually the photographers of the bunch. We don't know when our next trip back will be given that this year is full of LOTS and LOTS of stuff....but we can't wait until we can visit again.

TO OUR GA and FL family and friends.....thanks so much for loving on us and all the special things you did to make our visit THE BEST!!!!