Cody' Story

I had always dreamed of being a mom and after settling into married life with Mike we dreamed together of having a baby.  Of course, our picture of how a baby would enter our family was very different than the way God would eventually bless us with our sons and daughters and as I sit here today I am incredibly thankful that God's ways are always so much better than mine.

After journeying down the road of infertility growing more frustrated with each failed attempt to conceive a child we received a  phone call from an attorney who Mike knew through facilitating adoptions for other families.  This attorney said that he had a birth mom who would like to meet us.  I cannot begin to express the emotion that consumed me when Mike arrived home one night with this news.  I was excited, scared and unsure of what was in store for us but as I prayed I knew in my heart that God was about to orchestrate something wonderful our lives. 

Nervously, we traveled to the attorney's office and sat very formally at his conference room table and spent what now seems like such a short period of time our son's birth mother and birth father.  A few days passed and we were thrilled to hear the news that we were chosen us to be her baby's adoptive parents.  At this point I was completely consumed with love for this unborn baby.  I dreamed about him, prayed for him and longed for that moment when I would hold him in my arms.  Due to the uncertainty of the adoption process Mike cautioned me in guarding my heart so the 5 month wait for her to give birth was excruciating.  We had very little contact with her during the pregnancy and knowing that many things could happen during this waiting period Mike and I chose not to announce this news to anyone except my sister.

Time passed slowly and finally the time arrived for our son to be born.  Again, we had no contact with her and our attorney's adoption procedures were that we would only be notified once all the paperwork was completed and the baby was officially ours.    We did know however, a time frame of when she was due so when the time was drawing near I was constantly prayerful about what was about to happen and then one morning I was driving my sister to the airport and I had a strong feeling that our son was here. Two nights later we received a phone call from our pediatrician who through some unusual circumstances had had the opportunity to see our son in the hospital nursery.  Little did he or we know that behind the scenes there were situations occurring that may have jeopardized our  chances at being his mommy and daddy.  God worked miracles during that time and I am convinced that it was His power that entered into a highly volatile and unpredictable situation and brought about His perfect plan of bringing our son to his mommy and daddy and on May 24, 1997 we celebrated as I held Cody Michael in my arms for the first time.

Our road with Cody has not always been easy but I am confident that God knew Cody before he was conceived and set him apart for great things and gave Mike and I this wonderful opportunity to guide Cody along his life's journey as mom and dad.  I never forget what a miracle it is that Cody is my son and thank God each day that out of all the mommies in the world, I was chosen for Cody.