Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

I have been contemplating the benefits of laughter recently as we seem to have had quite a lot of it lately. I am not sure if it is the fact that Cody has entered into a stage of ULTRA silliness or if all of our children are just becoming little comedians. Emily’s command of the English language and her hilarious use of words keeps us in almost a constant state of giggling while Cody’s silliness has taken on a life of its own reaching new heights of creativity in comic relief. Grace’s dry sense of humor and witty use of words is equally as funny. I truly believe that laughter is the best medicine. I encourage you to think about how you feel after you have been overcome with a side-splitting laugh and how it lightens your heart from your daily burdens. A few days ago I was afforded one of those really good laughs as I overheard Cody preaching to Grace and Emily in his best T.D. Jakes voice. Cody wasn’t in anyway making fun of the very animated pastor but was imitating the style of a preacher to whom he enjoys listening. It was absolutely hilarious because of the fact that he has his T.D. Jakes impersonation perfected. I am not so sure that he got his message through to the girls who were involved in playing in the shower at the time but it really gave me a great laugh. It also took me back to my childhood when my sister, cousin and I would play church at my Nana and Granddaddys. We had such fun as children imitating our pastor and music minister and as I thought about those fun times as child I am thankful that there are men like T.D. Jakes that get my sons attention enough for him to want to imitate. An imitation that brought about so many emotions within me most of all laughter that left me feeling happy. When happiness fills a family it makes the world brighter. Our family has certainly had our dark days which is why when we laugh together during a TV show, movie or when the kids do something funny I thank God that sorrows don’t last forever and that "joy does come in the morning." I hope that you are having some laughter filled times in your life. If not I encourage you to look for them and enjoy them to the fullest. I am posting a few funny pictures because I know how much fun it is to look at blog pictures. There are a few of our pastor having fun with our girls and plastic Easter eggs and another shot of our silly girls (actually it's Grace who is being silly...Emily was just posing for the pic).

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hearing God Amidst The Noise

It is a gloomy Saturday. Our typically sunny skies have been filled with clouds all day and I have spent the day inside trying to catch up on some of my "keeper of the house" chores. I just finished folding my 5th load of laundry today and have about 7 more to go....UGH! I can't seem to understand how our family generates so much laundry and of course am often frustrated with the fact that the laundry baskets are never empty but nevertheless I trudge through the cycle of dirty/clean clothes. Well, enough about doing laundry. As I said it has been a rather gloomy day and as I was enjoying some peace and quiet this afternoon while Mike took the kids to the driving range I was thinking about hearing God. I have really needed to hear His voice this week and it has seemed as though He is silent. I know that sometimes God does remain silent but I often wonder, is He not speaking to me or is the noise in my life drowning out His still small voice. With three children my life is rather noisy and the clatter in my head even noisier sometimes. It is during these times when I long to hear my Heavenly Father's voice that I wish that He would send a burning bush my way. How I would not only long to hear His audible voice but simply to experience His presence as Moses did. And so knowing that a burning bush was probably not in my future I folded my laundry and was I was quiet hoping to hear but alas no voice and then I thought about the ways of the Lord. Most of the time the voice of God is heard through His Word and sometimes it is through the words of a friend. At other times His voice is felt through a strong emotion that moves us to action and then of course sometimes He is silent. It is during those silent times that He calls us to trust. He expands our faith drawing us closer to Him. And so I continue to listen and wait and if I am called to step out in faith like Abraham I will do so willingly knowing that as Corrie Ten Boom said "never be afraid to trust an unknown future to an known GOD."

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

WOW! 15 Years of Marriage

It was 15 years ago tommorow that I proudly became Mrs. Michael Minot. A day that began with a pouring rain gave way to a beautiful sunny afternoon as we celebrated at a beach side hotel with family and friends. Our wedding day was exactly as I had dreamed but most of all the man who I married was and is still the love of my life. I am as proud today to be his wife as I was 15 years ago when I voiced my wedding vows. During these past 15 years we have shared many joys as well as deep sorrow. We have laughed hysterically and held each other in the midst of anguishing grief. Mike has loved me through many difficult times and held me close physically and emotionally never letting me go. Forgiveness has always abounded in our relationship coupled with an incredible amount of patience. Mike’s commitment and devotion to me has never faded and is with me each and every day of my life. I absolutely never doubt the love of my husband. Through these years he has encouraged me to grow and has celebrated me as his wife and mommy to our 4 children. Over these years we have settled into a beautiful abiding love. A love that has deepened throughout our time as husband and wife. As beautiful, passionate and fresh as it was 15 years ago it is now just as beautiful in its simplicity. I delight in such small things in our marriage such as watching Mike play hide and seek with Grace and Emily or hearing him talk with Cody about something deep. I enjoy watching him read the newspaper and laugh at something funny. I love seeing what a devoted and passionate daddy he is and how valuable me and the kids are to him. He not only voices how important we are but he exemplifies it each and every day. One of the things made me fall in love with Mike was his passion for the Lord. And it is this passion and deep love for the God who saved him that continues to fuel my love for him. So it is on this day that we celebrate our marriage that I thank the Lord for orchestrating all of the events in my life that led me to this man I now call my husband. My earthly days are certainly glorious because he is by my side. I look forward to journeying into the future with the man who still "makes my heart sing"

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

It's a New Year!

It is January 9th and Cody and Grace are back in school. Cody was looking forward to returning while Grace wanted to stay home. Although, I loved having them home during the break I was looking forward to some peaceful moments with them back in school. Peaceful moments haven't found me yet. The Holidays ended with Emily coming down with a nasty upper respiratory cold which turned into an ear infection. The last couple of days have been a little tough as she has not felt good and being sick heightens her clingliness and lack of sleep. Now that the antibiotic seems kicking in I am hoping to begin the mission of clean up and organization the messes from the holidays and then enjoying some peaceful mornings. I am determined with the start of the new year to return to an exercise schedule by getting out with the jogging stroller and returning to my morning jogs. January is such a great time to start new habits and like so many others I try to start the year with new goals. Some are physical, like exercising and eating better while others are more on the emotional side like being more patient with my children and taking time to enjoy them and not just merely "take care of their needs". I think that many moms struggle with simply enjoying their kids. We spend so much time making sure they eat right, brush their teeth, take baths etc....and we don't take the time to simply play with them. I really want try to play with my kids more. It really is hard in that there is always so much to get done but I am going to try. I hope that whatever your goals may be this year that you are enjoying a great beginning to the year. I thought I would share some cute pictures of Emily which I snapped just before Christmas. My sweet lady who helps me out around the house was ironing one day and Emily got her little iron and ironing board along with doll clothes and joined the ironing party. I thought it was so cute and was so amazed at how she knew exactly how to iron.