Wednesday, January 9, 2008

It's a New Year!

It is January 9th and Cody and Grace are back in school. Cody was looking forward to returning while Grace wanted to stay home. Although, I loved having them home during the break I was looking forward to some peaceful moments with them back in school. Peaceful moments haven't found me yet. The Holidays ended with Emily coming down with a nasty upper respiratory cold which turned into an ear infection. The last couple of days have been a little tough as she has not felt good and being sick heightens her clingliness and lack of sleep. Now that the antibiotic seems kicking in I am hoping to begin the mission of clean up and organization the messes from the holidays and then enjoying some peaceful mornings. I am determined with the start of the new year to return to an exercise schedule by getting out with the jogging stroller and returning to my morning jogs. January is such a great time to start new habits and like so many others I try to start the year with new goals. Some are physical, like exercising and eating better while others are more on the emotional side like being more patient with my children and taking time to enjoy them and not just merely "take care of their needs". I think that many moms struggle with simply enjoying their kids. We spend so much time making sure they eat right, brush their teeth, take baths etc....and we don't take the time to simply play with them. I really want try to play with my kids more. It really is hard in that there is always so much to get done but I am going to try. I hope that whatever your goals may be this year that you are enjoying a great beginning to the year. I thought I would share some cute pictures of Emily which I snapped just before Christmas. My sweet lady who helps me out around the house was ironing one day and Emily got her little iron and ironing board along with doll clothes and joined the ironing party. I thought it was so cute and was so amazed at how she knew exactly how to iron.

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