Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer Fun at the New Jersery Shore with the Chatties

Finally, I have been able to sneak a few moments and post pictures from our June trip to Spring Lake, NJ. Our online group of mom's affectionately known as The Chatty Girls made our annual trip to visit Lucy's home at the shore. I cannot begin to describe what a wonderful time Emily, Grace and I had visiting with our friends. I am continually amazed at what a special bond our girls share and what a closeness the mom's have. Lucy and her mom Laura were fabulous hostesses and we were treated to yummy food, relaxing beach time, fun times at the boardwalk amusement park and face to face chatting time which for me was THE BEST! I don't get to check in with "my girls" as often as I like so for me it was wonderful to have the weekend to catch up with these wonderful women. Can't wait for October!!!

Chatty Mom's minus a few

Chatty China Girls on the beach. (can you tell that we all have the same taste in clothes)

Emily and Mia


Emily and Mia deciding if the water was too cold...believe me it was freezing.

Shaoey and Emily...Kunming sisters. Amazing at how these girls look so much alike.
Train ride Venturing into the water

Checking it out.

Rides at the Amusment Park

Walking to the beach

Sandcastle building

Emily and Anna Claire take a break from the cold water

Grace had a blast digging in the sand

Oh I just love this one of Lucy and her movie star shades

More rides at the Amusement Park

Emily our official photographer

Eating Zeppoles....sinfully fried dough dusted with powdered sugar.

Emily loves the Zeppoles

Carousel FUN!

Shuang Shuang, Shoey and Emily share a ride

The two Emily's

Our blond beauties!

The big sister's

Yummy Chocolate Chip Pancake Breakfast compliments of Miss Laura

Breakfast time

Everyone loved Lucy's piano

Lucy and Emily

Everyone arrives and are all smiles