Connor's Story

On March 14, 2000 God brought another son into my life.  His presence in our family was the ultimate expression of God's love for us and an absolute miracle.  Connor Steven was a gift that did not arrive without God reaching out from Heaven and orchestrating some amazing circumstances to make sure that he was a part of our family. 

Shortly after Cody's 2nd Birthday Mike and knew that we wanted to add to our family and through Mike's profession we were able to quickly connect with an attorney who focused heavily on adoptions.  It wasn't long before we were matched with a birth mom and the waiting period began.  Unlike with Cody this situation was more open and we had contact with the birth mom.  It was during this time that Mike received a phone call from a local pastor who indicated that he had a woman in his congregation who was pregnant and wanting to explore the possibility of adoption.  The pastor who was a friend of ours questioned Mike as to if we were open to another adoption because felt strongly that God had placed our names on his heart to call.  Of course Mike explained that we were awaiting the birth of another child however he would be happy to speak with this woman professionally about her options and what would be involved in the adoption process.  He spoke with her on the phone referred her to another attorney.  Mike shared the situation with me later that day and I was left  with heaviness in my heart.  There was a strange sense of loss and Mike assured me that letting this birthmom move forward with another couple was the best thing to do.  Nevertheless I couldn't get her or her unborn baby out of my heart.  Time passed and our birth mom gave birth to a baby girl and within 24 hours our adoption fell through.  We were sad but not devastated and within the next 24 hours we received a phone call from the attorney who had received the referral of the girl in our pastor friend's church.  He called to see how our new baby was doing and when I told him that things had not worked out.  He seemed thrilled that he could now tell me that this girl who Mike had referred to him had yet to find an acceptable couple.   This attorney had felt from the beginning that we were to be the adoptive family for this baby.  He asked if he could allow her to review our profile.  Of course we said yes and within the next 24 hours she wanted to met us.  We met her and her two children at a local pizza resturaunt.  Our meeting was a little uncomfortable due to the fact that she had no idea that she had spoken to Mike earlier nevertheless, after months of her reviewing many profiles of other couples she final chose us and a few months later I held our son Connor in my arms. 

Connor was a very special little boy who brought great joy and peace to all who knew him but it was his mom, dad, brother and future sister who had the honor of experiencing the depth and richness of life with him. He truly was a breath of Heaven that filled each and every day. Connor’s specialness arose out of the fact that due to neurological deficiencies and abnormalities as well as developmental and physical delays he was unable to verbally speak nor was he able to walk and do all of the things other children enjoyed. We as a family came to know quickly that Connor possessed a gift of bringing us into the presence of God by simply gazing at us. His lack of physical movement forced us to slow down and enjoy those simple things that we often took for granted. Through Connor’s limited abilities he displayed for us what was most important in life. Connor was love. He gave love unconditionally, consistently and deeply enveloping us in his world of loving.

October 31, 2003 was a day that changed my life forever. It was on that day that our precious son Connor made his journey to Heaven as the result of a tragic accident in our home. The loss of Connor was devastating for our family. As we grieved our loss of him we were reminded of the wonderful treasures he left deep within our hearts and it was through those memories that God healed our aching hearts and brought joy back into the life of our family. It has now been 10 years since Connor entered Heaven and each day we miss his presence but we have a hope and that hope is in Jesus and His promises that one day we will be united with our loving Creator and reunited with our wonderful son.