Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hearing God Amidst The Noise

It is a gloomy Saturday. Our typically sunny skies have been filled with clouds all day and I have spent the day inside trying to catch up on some of my "keeper of the house" chores. I just finished folding my 5th load of laundry today and have about 7 more to go....UGH! I can't seem to understand how our family generates so much laundry and of course am often frustrated with the fact that the laundry baskets are never empty but nevertheless I trudge through the cycle of dirty/clean clothes. Well, enough about doing laundry. As I said it has been a rather gloomy day and as I was enjoying some peace and quiet this afternoon while Mike took the kids to the driving range I was thinking about hearing God. I have really needed to hear His voice this week and it has seemed as though He is silent. I know that sometimes God does remain silent but I often wonder, is He not speaking to me or is the noise in my life drowning out His still small voice. With three children my life is rather noisy and the clatter in my head even noisier sometimes. It is during these times when I long to hear my Heavenly Father's voice that I wish that He would send a burning bush my way. How I would not only long to hear His audible voice but simply to experience His presence as Moses did. And so knowing that a burning bush was probably not in my future I folded my laundry and was I was quiet hoping to hear but alas no voice and then I thought about the ways of the Lord. Most of the time the voice of God is heard through His Word and sometimes it is through the words of a friend. At other times His voice is felt through a strong emotion that moves us to action and then of course sometimes He is silent. It is during those silent times that He calls us to trust. He expands our faith drawing us closer to Him. And so I continue to listen and wait and if I am called to step out in faith like Abraham I will do so willingly knowing that as Corrie Ten Boom said "never be afraid to trust an unknown future to an known GOD."

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