Tuesday, January 15, 2008

WOW! 15 Years of Marriage

It was 15 years ago tommorow that I proudly became Mrs. Michael Minot. A day that began with a pouring rain gave way to a beautiful sunny afternoon as we celebrated at a beach side hotel with family and friends. Our wedding day was exactly as I had dreamed but most of all the man who I married was and is still the love of my life. I am as proud today to be his wife as I was 15 years ago when I voiced my wedding vows. During these past 15 years we have shared many joys as well as deep sorrow. We have laughed hysterically and held each other in the midst of anguishing grief. Mike has loved me through many difficult times and held me close physically and emotionally never letting me go. Forgiveness has always abounded in our relationship coupled with an incredible amount of patience. Mike’s commitment and devotion to me has never faded and is with me each and every day of my life. I absolutely never doubt the love of my husband. Through these years he has encouraged me to grow and has celebrated me as his wife and mommy to our 4 children. Over these years we have settled into a beautiful abiding love. A love that has deepened throughout our time as husband and wife. As beautiful, passionate and fresh as it was 15 years ago it is now just as beautiful in its simplicity. I delight in such small things in our marriage such as watching Mike play hide and seek with Grace and Emily or hearing him talk with Cody about something deep. I enjoy watching him read the newspaper and laugh at something funny. I love seeing what a devoted and passionate daddy he is and how valuable me and the kids are to him. He not only voices how important we are but he exemplifies it each and every day. One of the things made me fall in love with Mike was his passion for the Lord. And it is this passion and deep love for the God who saved him that continues to fuel my love for him. So it is on this day that we celebrate our marriage that I thank the Lord for orchestrating all of the events in my life that led me to this man I now call my husband. My earthly days are certainly glorious because he is by my side. I look forward to journeying into the future with the man who still "makes my heart sing"

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Jeanette said...

Happy Anniversary! What a lovely tribute about your marriage and your wonderful husband! Love the pictures, it looked like such an amazing day! Thanks for sharing!