Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fall Fun!

I absolutely LOVE Fall or Autumn! It is a time of year that is fresh, crisp and always is full of fun times. I enjoy the briskness of the weather, seeing the fall colors on the trees and of course all of the yummy fall foods. We have had some very special treats this fall which made the season more enjoyable. Visits with friends and family were wonderful. Fun excursions that created some very special memories for all of us and some early snowfall which the kids loved but I could do without.

Life has been so busy for us with homeschooling and trying to stay on top of our daily activities and in all honesty I have experienced some loneliness as I have longed for my FL friends and family so our special visits from these friends and family as we shared some Colorado fun were like oasis's in a dry desert. Here are some posts about our fun!

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