Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Gift of Friendship

I couldn't let the year end without posting about friendship. Friends are the most important ingredient in our lives however, as we become grown up girls and as our life plates get full of so much food that is absolutely necessary to sustain the life of our families we forget to keep the seasoning of girlfriends. I don't think that I ever realized the importance of this until we moved from FL. When I left FL I also left my best friend, (my sister). Our friendship was easy and we never had to work at it. She was always there, loving me unconditionally and filling the cup of my life with more than I could have ever know. Arriving in CO with no relationships other than the ones under my own roof I had to find girlfriends and when you are a 40 year old homeschooling mom with a stay at home husband that can be rather difficult. Fortunately, God brought Sara into life right away. She and I bonded instantly. We shared a love for our God, Beth Moore, Coffee and Adoption then their family moved. Our friendship didn't cease to exist with her relocation but like my relationship with my sister it became more difficult. My heart ached and I wished for another girl to fill the friendship void and along came The VanKirks. We actually met them within a week of moving to CO but it wasn't until this past year that our friendship blossomed. Jenny, makes me smile, she is so calm, loving and encourages me with her patience and kindness. We are southern girls at heart and share a love for orphan adoption. What I love about this family is that our friendship is a family affair. Mike enjoys Jim and all of our kids love being together. Our family's aren't together constantly and sometimes Jenny and I will go for weeks without connecting but there is a wonderful contented state of our friendship that is always there and can be embraced at any moment. I love it!

I know that the following photos seem out of place with this post but I had forgotton to post photos of our annual gingerbread house decorating party at the VanKirk House. Jenny and her daughter Abby made and assembled all the houses and the kids got to decorate. It is a tradition that our family has come to love and we are thankful that we are included in this special time.

These next two photo's are just random of our kids with the VanKirk kids

Luke and Cody

Joshua and his VanKirk women...take note of Sammy's phone in Joshua's hand....these gals know the way to my boys heart.

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Football and Fried Rice said...

I love Grace's crazy peace sign pose! She is growing way too fast!!!!!

I wish to knew Jenny better! I always love seeing her when I do!

You TOO!!!!!