Saturday, December 31, 2011

Giving Thanks!

Well, I think I have just about done it....all caught up in just 2 weeks. I know that in this massive updating I have missed so many thoughtful things that touched us this year especially all those moments absorbing Joshua's presence in our family. I have 3 posts for today just to make sure start Jan 1st in real time.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love everything about Thanksgiving and this year we celebrated with our friends The VanKirks. We enjoy this family so much and love sharing special occasions with them. Their son Luke is Cody's best friend and their daughter Lizzy is the perfect match for Grace and Emily. They have a another beautiful daughter, Abby who is growing up so fast and I am convinced that Joshua has a secret crush on her (maybe it is because she lets him have her ipod and phone) Their oldest daughters Sammy and Katya are out of the house so we don't see much of them however, Sammy was able to join us for Thanksgiving. We ate lots of yummy food and enjoyed sharing the afternoon/evening with good friends. Once again here are lots of photos of the fun as well as a few of Joshua's preschool Thankgiving party and Grace's Native American Day.....

The next four shots are me trying to get a good shot of Emily and Joshua
And finally, a decent one
This was the result
She tried to give him a good "talking to" but got tickled
This was the first

Kids Table Setting
The kids table

Joshua's Party

Grace's Native American Day.
One of my bosses made this on her daughter's Native American Day, it was so nice and fit Grace perfectly.

Not too happy that her brother was stealing the show at her party.


Jodee said...

It looks like you had a great Thanksgiving! Love, love, love your table settings! So cute!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Grace is a beautiful Native American!! What can she NOT pass off?! Love Emiys dress too! And th table settings! Everything's perfect!