Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Catching up!

Here are a few shots of our visit at Panera Bread with some blogging buddies.
Mya, Emily, Ava and Ruby

Jammie pictures...wasn't planned at all. Mya and Emily love to have matching clothes.

It has been over a month since I made the blog private and it is still going to be private for a little while longer. I had planned on waiting for new posts until I opened it up again but with it staying private longer than I had expected I decided to go ahead and update with a few events so that I don't get really behind. But before we get to our fabulous month of February I wanted to touch on the reason I am private. If you are reading this post I am assuming you have read the welcome back post I plan to write once the blog is open again. In addition to a terrifically cute make-over compliments of Danielle you will also notice that we have a new name (I will explain the name in another post) and another little face that has been added to our family.....yes our family has grown. We will be returning to China to bring home another son and we all are beyond excited although it seems like we are going at a snails pace in getting our paperwork complete.(you can check out details about our newest member here.) As a family we had decided to keep this adoption quiet until we were DTC which at this time seems like it will never happen. There have been a number a hiccups with documents that didn't happen with Emily and although I worked as fast as I could getting things together we still are not at the point of submitting our I-800. It has been 4 months since seeing our little guys face for the first time and I will have to tell you that there are days that the wait to bring him home is excruciating. But I trust in the Lord and wait patiently on Him knowing that He can accomplish great things with perfect timing. So now onto what we've been up to......

The beginning of February brought the welcomed sight of my precious friend Sara and her daughter Mya who came for a visit. I have not been shy in telling everyone how much I miss her since she moved and when her man called me in December with the news that he was surprising her with a trip to see me I started counting the days. It was a wonderful weekend of just simply being together. Don't you love it when you have a friend that doesn't require anything but your presence. That is how we are....Sara and I don't have to do anything special other than be in the same room to be happy. We really did nothing but "hang out" and eat during the weekend. The little girls had just as much fun as the big girls. Including preparing for a Daddy/Daughter Dance (more about that later). We even got a chance to visit with a couple of old and new blogging friends at Panera Bread and I got to watch the SuperBowl with a true football fan while pigging out on Pioneer Woman's Jalapeno Poppers. During the dead of winter when the blahs were threatening to consume us this visit was like a trip to a warm sunny beach in the Caribbean. Can't wait for the next time I see her face.

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Football & Fried Rice said...

You are so precious! It was my favorite Christmas gift for sure! It's always a treat to get to come out & visit & soak up some time with you! I miss the days when it was a little "easier" -but I will take what I can get. it is nice that it is considered "vacation" when we visit cause we can eat junk food and stay up late :)