Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Daddy Daughter Dance

I love my husband for so many reasons but one that stand outs is the way he expresses his love to our children. He truly is the most incredible dad. He thinks of ideas and does special things for all of our children that make my heart pound with love. He continually pours out love and affection onto our girls and truly treats them like precious princesses. I know that with each day as he lavishes his affections upon them he is building treasured memories in their minds while provided them with the example of how they are to be loved by a man. There was no greater display of this love than a few weeks ago when he escorted both the girls to a Daddy/Daughter Dance. The girls and I went shopping one snowy night for beautiful cream colored dresses with matching bows. They were so excited as we tried on dresses and chose matching ones. They wanted the dresses to stay hidden in the dress bags until the night of the dance so that they could surprise their daddy. On the day of the dance my friend Sara was visiting so we gave them some spa treatments and dressed them in their gorgeous dresses. Mike presented each of them with wrist corsages and off they went to dance the night away. They had a grand time and I know they both felt like Cinderella's as they danced, had some snacks played games and made a craft. They were so beautiful and even caught the attention of a local reporter from our neighborhood newspaper who wrote a feature article about them. I am so blessed and thankful that my girls have a daddy who loves treating them like beautiful princesses and is willing to pour out his love upon them in such physical ways. Here are "just a few" shots of their night.

Daddy and his girls before the dance

One of my favorite shots
I love this one because it shows the beautiful dress from the back and I keep thinking I want to cut Grace's hair seeing this I realize that I don't really want to do that
So graceful
Ready for a twirl
Can you tell they are having fun?


The next shots were taken by Sara...she is such a great photographer and captured some beautiful photos. I could have posted every one but here are just a few of my favorites

These next pics are of spa time. Grace was so uncomfortable being photographed in her robe but she agreed to a couple of photos.
Awaiting the next treatment
Soaking their feet in the sink

Beautiful nails are a must...compliments of Miss Sara (Sara, don't hate me for posting this pic...couldn't resist)

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Football & Fried Rice said...

They WERE such beautiful girls, weren't they? They really cleaned up nice :-)

I don't hate you (too bad) for posting the picture of me from the side (uggh!)!)!