Tuesday, March 9, 2010

South meets West

The month of February also brought a visit from my mom and grandparents. My dad couldn't make it as he was waiting for the Space Shuttle to land in CA. We enjoyed having them for a few days and loved showing them around our city. It was their first visit since we moved and I think they enjoyed their time with us. The last half of their stay was spent snowed-in as we had a snowstorm that moved through giving them a taste of a Colorado winter. I think that you can see from our pictures that they didn't mind it a bit. Mom, Nana, and Grandaddy, thanks for coming we can wait for the next trip!
My nana and Grace during one of our site seeing excursions

A visit to Focus on the Family and Adventures in Odyssey was a treat.
Lunch at Whits End
My mom, Nammy and Cody

A little goofing off
Lunch was yummy!
Nana, Grandaddy and Emily
Putting on a show

Their audience
Grandaddy gets in on the silliness

We had a little help shoveling the driveway
For a FL girl, she shoveled some pretty mean snow
I think I know these two
Nana got in on the shoveling too...I have to say I think I might keep her around.

After shoveling, some sledding was in order

Grace gives nammy "a little" push
WHEEEE...look at her fly!
Cody shows 'em how its done
Nammy tries again
Now it was Emily's turn
Looks like she's up to something
Nammy and her kids
Nana has to give it a try....shes 80 years old and can still sled with the best of them.
Now here is the pro
Can we see a half pipe in this girls future?
Our little fox made a visit for everyone to see.
We braved the snow and cold for a little photo shoot in the snow

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Football & Fried Rice said...

I am so glad your family got to have some SNOW for their visit!! Loved seeing you enjoy your Nana, Grandaddy and your Mom. Wish I could have come over for some of your Nana's food!