Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Skiing

Finally, just as ski season was drawing to a close we headed to the high country for some skiing. Mike and I love to ski and I can't believe that it has taken this long for us to get up to the slopes. School schedules and weather conditions have proved to be tricky in finding that perfect time. But all things came together a few weeks ago and we made a quick trip for some fabulous spring skiing. It was the first time Cody and Grace have skied since we moved and as expected, Grace was a natural. Mike took her up the lift just a couple of times before she looked like she was born on skies. Cody on the other hand didn't quite take to it as well and decided to spend his time in the restaurant at the bottom of the slope. We had decided to wait another year before we put Emily on the slopes so Mike and I had to take turns skiing with Grace while the other entertained the non-skiing kiddos. We are learning how to plan these trips and now that we know Cody doesn't like to ski we will definitely organize future trips a little better next time. It was great fun for a couple of days!

Well, I think I am caught up with my posts, at least for now. Thanks for spending some time with us. Here are a few shots of our time on the slopes....

Love this view and my girl.

Look at her go!

Mike getting her ready....notice the miss-matched coat.
Normally, my Grace is the one who has it all together. She can get us ready for a trip better than I can. However, this time I think her excitement got the best of her and in our rush out the door she forgot her ski jacket. Thankfully it was warm therefore Emily didn't need a coat so Grace could squeeze into her sisters.
Also, my husband decided against a helmet much to my disagreement....needless to say I received quite a few disapproving looks from ski instructors, patrols and other parents and a couple of chastising comments so next time there will be a helmet on this child's head.

On the lift

The non-skier...being silly outside the restaurant.
Cody trying to entertain himself during the wait. It was a LONG day!

Fortunately, the weather was beautiful and we were able to sit outside by the fire pit.

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Football & Fried Rice said...

I KNOW it's so beautiful in the mountains!! LOOK at that snow! Look at the sunshine!! Grace is so athletic, she could get away with anything!