Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving...Kindergarten Style

Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday. I just love it and try to soak in as much of it as possible which is rather hard to do when my neighbor across the street puts her massive Christmas display up the week after Halloween. Nevertheless, I try to enjoy the fall leaves, pumpkins and all the things that remind me of a holiday that has always been filled with good food and time with family. I love remembering all those Thanksgivings spent at my nana and grandaddy's house where there was so much food we ate on it for days and we spent an entire day surrounded by our family. I do miss that and wish so much that my kiddos were experiencing the warmth of the holiday where we give thanks for all the goodness in our lives. To begin the Thanksgiving celebration Emily's Kindergarten class treated us to a wonderful performance of song, prose and dance. It was just delightful and obvious that these little 5 year olds had worked super hard on their program. We then feasted on delicious pies and treats and were reminded once again of how thankful we are for the heritage of our country.

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