Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Celebrating 8 Grace.

On Sept 13, 2002 a sweet little girl entered my life. Her presence in our family is quite a miraculous story and one that I cherish. From the moment she was born sweetness filled her heart and I am grateful and honored that I am her mommy. My Grace is filled with spunk, creativity, and love. She has a huge heart and is tender but at the same time she has a will that is a strong as nails. I love that about her because I know that God has something great planned for her. Her tenderness and love is amazing and I stand in awe every day at how God continues to fashion such a beautiful little girl. She is helpful, kind and a great friend. We celebrated her special day with a group of friends at a horse farm near our house. Grace LOVES and I mean LOVES horses so getting to ride and pet horses was such a treat for her. Here are a few photo's of her special day:

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