Friday, November 26, 2010

Giving Thanks!

Our Thanksgiving celebration was very quiet this year and I will have to admit a little lonely. While the rest of my family joined together in GA we remained here in CO where it was just the 5 of us. I found myself missing my extended family like crazy. Being so far away is very hard sometimes. I prepared a feast to feed a crowd and we hardly made a dent in the food so looks like left overs for the next 2 days. We ate and then enjoyed some joke-telling by Grace, some entertainment by Emily and Cody and I watched a movie which is a treat for me ( I usally don't sit down long enough to watch a movie) But for one afternoon I enjoyed my kids to the fullest and it was truly time for which this mama was thankful. So another Thanksgiving has come and gone....we are a few pounds heavier and have more memories which I will treasure forever. Looking forward to getting our house all Christmas-ed up today and then back to the busyness of life. Lets hope that busyness includes packing for China!

Here's how we gave thanks this year......

Post Feasting Photos with my kiddos

We finished our day with Bobby Flay's Pumpkin Bread Pudding as featured on Pioneer Woman.....It was DELISH! (I even had some for breakfast this morning)

Grace told a few jokes from her joke book after dinner.

This girl ate 5 stuffed eggs....they are her favorite.

The girls were not interested in posing for any photos, silliness reigned for most shots

The Thanksgiving table compliments of Grace
Table settings complete with placecards and Thanksgiving notes to us all.


Football and Fried Rice said...

WoW...I wish I could have been there for the food and big screen Football!!! Tell Mike I miss you guys and would have liked to knocked back part of that meal. Between the two of us we could have left more than a dent in it. We are in hopes your news from China comes quickly and travel happens soon. God Bless and we love you guys! Bill

Leslie said...

Your son is beautiful!! I am beyond thrilled to have found you in bloggyland today because our daughter is waiting in Weinan City too!! When do you think that you will be traveling? If you get to go to the orphanage and can love on our daughter for us or snap a few photos..beyond amazing. Or if you can share tips with us or fyi after your travel. Are there any groups that you belong to that are Weinan City? Praying you home. Please email @ if you are able. Our blog is
Thrilled to have found you!! Blessings!