Sunday, December 23, 2007

Twas 2 Days before Christmas

I just had to post about the day that I have enjoyed with my girls. Well, my joy began yesterday when Cody, Mike and I traveled to Orlando to see a production of The Magician's Nephew. It was a wonderful performance and even more enjoyable was spending the afternoon with my two men. They both were so handsome and I was such a proud mama and wife to be with them. Then today I planned to bake some holiday goodies. For those of you who know me, I absolutely love to cook especially baking so today after church I donned my apron and invited Emily and Grace to help. What a treat it was sharing some recipes that have been given to me by family and dear friends. They were such great helpers and everything turned out delicious. What was so special was that as we were cooking each recipe I was able to tell them about the person who gave it to me. Doris's, snowball cookies, Tanni's chocolate chip cookies, Mee-Mee's peanut butter balls and Aunt Lissa's Mee-Mee's red velvet cake. We also baked pumpkin bread which is a traditional recipe that I have started. Of course I will be cooking some savory dishes tommorow which are my Nana's and my mother in law's cranberry salad and I am hoping to have help with those as well. It was an absolutely delightful afternoon and one that is a dream come true. Before we had children I had dreamed of having daughters to share time in the kitchen with me. I would imagine us doing exactly what we did today. I am a BLESSED woman. I hope that today finds you feeling blessed as well. As I end this post, I am reminded that as I shared a glorious afternoon with my precious daughters we have dear friends who are mourning losses of their father, wife, mother, grandmother and child. Just in the past 2 weeks we have dear friends and family members make their journey's to Heaven and my heart aches for them. May the Lord be near to them and bring them great comfort during what I know is a very sad time.

I now go to take my red velvet cake out of the oven and await a gift exchange between my "chatty girl friends". I have mentioned my online girlfriends before, friends who have become like sisters and like a family we drew names for our little china girls, purchased and mailed our gifts and we will be all opening our gifts while online tonight. It should be a blast. We are hoping to video tape the whole experience and I will try to post a video and well as pictures of my awesome chefs.

Merry Christmas to all!!!

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