Tuesday, December 18, 2007

7 Days Until Christmas

It is now 7 days until Christmas and I have a feeling that this will be my last post until after Christmas. Life is so busy right now with very little time to think. Oh how crazy this time of year can be and yet as I made a quick early evening trip to the pharmacy last night it seemed so peaceful. With all of the lights twinkling around and the soft Christmas music playing over the intercom of the pharmacy it truly seemed that all was calm. However, all was not calm in my mind. It was racing with thoughts of all that is still left to do. No matter how hard I try Christmas always ends up being hectic. I often wonder what my Lord thinks of all of the craziness (mine included). Does it break His heart to see how we celebrate the time in which we are remembering when God became man. I was recalling last night as I drove a very special Christmas. It was 2002 and we loaded our van and traveled to Boone, NC where we had rented a cabin. That particular Christmas was one of my favorites. It was truly peaceful. It snowed and what a beautiful time it was awaking Christmas morning with Mike and our 3 beautiful children to new fallen snow. We spent the day enjoying each other, reading, praying and spending alot of time thinking about the true reason we were celebrating. There was time in that Christmas, time for each other and most of all time for our Lord. It is my desire to slow down a bit during the next few days and make time for that which will make a meaningful Christmas.
I will share a few pictures of some events which have filled our time over the past week or so. Grace's Christmas program, Grace's Christmas party and our night at MGM. All of which were wonderful events and left treasured memories in our hearts. We are off and running to Christmas parties, shopping for the feasting and of course trying to get our Christmas Cards in the mail. Hopefully, you all will receive a card from the Minot's before the end of the year. If not, it will be a New Year Greeting. We will be spending Christmas Eve here at our house with Mike's family and Christmas Day at my sister's house with my family and then my grandparents arrive from Georgia after Christmas for a few days.
I wish for you all a wonderful celebration of Christmas. I pray for myself and all of you that we will have the gift of time. Time to be still and enjoy the peacefulness of Christmas.

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