Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Chatty Girls Gift Exchange

May I begin by saying that today's technology is absolutely amazing. On Sunday evening my online group of girls got together via a telephone conference call and internet and held our first annual Chatty Girls Gift Exchange. We had drawn names and had a secret chatty sister of whom we did not know until we opened the gift on Sunday night. At 8:00 Emily, Grace and I sat in front of our computer and awaited the call to link us to all of our friend throughout the US. After a few technical difficulties we were able to connect but it was a little too late for Emily. With encouragement from her sister she already opened her gift which was from her secret chatty sister, Sara who lives in Oregon. She received a BOZ video and book. She LOVED it. Emily and Grace raced to the playroom and began watching the video while I chatted with the girls listening to them open their gifts. Emily's secret chatty sister was Bekah who lives in Ohio and we gave her puzzles and a CD. After the gifts were opened we all posted our pictures on our yahoo chat group website. Even though we live thousands of miles apart and are in different states throughout the US, it really felt like we were in the same room. As we all said goodnight we were reminded at just how special our group is and how wonderful it is to have such treasured friends. God brought us together and continues to keep us together. Each of us shared the next day about the warm feelings that filled us as we went to bed. I believe that throughout life we are blessed with a few friends that are like sisters. What a gift I have been given in these women and how fortunate we are that these friendships are able to be nutured and grown through todays technological advancements. I pray that each of you reading are fortunate to share a bond of friendship with someone you love. It will truly bring a richness to your life that cannot be captured in words.

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Amy Jo said...

Hello Minot Family! Sara and I just read your post and checked out the pictures of Emily (& Grace!) opening her gift! Very sweet!!! Sara is so excited that they like Boz...she is jumping all over me saying "Emmy!!! Emmy!!!" Can't wait for all of us to finally meet in person. :-) Your family is so precious and truly a blessing! We love you!!! Amy & Sara in OR