Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas!

The Christmas Season is in FULL swing and our calendar reflects that fact. We are busy busy busy with lots of activities. We finally got our condo decorate which took a while with my two little helpers. Grace absolutely loves Christmas and is so excited to help with the decorations. Emily followed the lead of her big sister with helping as well. It was lots of fun decorating the trees (all three of them) with the girls although it took about 3 times as long as it usually does. Grace decided that she wanted a full size tree in her room this year and guess what color it is......white and pink. She wanted a pink tree but we couldn't find one so she settled for a white one with pink decorations. She decorated it all by herself and did a beautiful job. I am almost finished with my shopping and still working on our Christmas Cards which will probably be New Year Cards this year. Mike and I enjoyed an evening by ourselves on Sunday as we traveled to Epcot to listen to Steven Curtis Chapman read the Christmas Story at the Candlelight Processional. It was glorious and even more delightful to have an evening with Mike all to myself. How wonderful it was to snuggle close to him and listen to the Christmas Story read by one of my most favorite people while listening to beautiful Christmas Carols. Reality hit as we returned home to a busy week. Cody and Grace have one more week of school and we are looking forward to some down time of just enjoying each other. It will be nice to have some quieter moments to enjoy these things that are only around at this time of year and to be able to absorb Christmas through Emily's eyes. As we celebrate her First Christmas we are blessed to be able to share in her joy of experiencing these traditions new and afresh. She has embraced all Christmas and squeals with delight at all of the sights, sounds and smells. What a blessing it is to have her with us and to be able to share Christmas with our newest daughter. Unlike a newborns first Christmas, sharing a 2 1/2 year olds first Christmas is filled with excitement as she is able to express her joy. I thought just this morning that "it just doesn't get better than this" as I awoke to my house filled with the sights of Christmas while my husband read quietly in the family and my 3 beautiful children slept snuggled in their beds.

Oh how I love having the house all lit up at Christmas. I think that mornings are my favorite times. Waking up early before everyone is up and turning on all the lights and sitting in the quietness drinking my coffee and enjoying the serenity of the twinkling lights. With all of the hustle and bustle of what the world says Christmas should be it is nice to enjoy the peacefulness of the mornings.

We have been hustling and bustling for the past couple of weeks with lots of school activities and trying to get the shopping done. We are also preparing for Grace's big Christmas Party on Saturday. She did not get a birthday party this year so I promised her a Christmas Party and she didn't let me forget it. She is so excited to have all of her buddies over for an afternoon of Christmas games and decorating cookies. I just love it that she is such an entertainer....just like her mama. She loves getting things ready for a party although doesn't get as stressed out as her mama does. Maybe I should take notes. Well, I will be sure to post lots of pictures from the party as well as some shots of her recent Christmas program at school. For now I will post a few pics of our trees and our front door.

I hope that you all are enjoying this Christmas time of year.

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