Saturday, June 5, 2010

Schools Out

We officially ended the school year a week ago with a wonderful luau celebration with Grace's class at school. As most of you know we homeschool part-time and enjoy the benefit of having a great program that Cody and Grace attend 2 and 3 days a week. This program and the teachers at this school have been a blessing in my life and the lives of my children in so many ways. Despite the constant taxi service accomodating the conflicting schedules of Cody and Grace I have loved it that my kids have experienced the school atmosphere, they have made some wonderful friends and I have had the joy of doing all those "room parent" duties that I love. The interaction with the other moms, teachers and staff have been a ray of sunshine in what has been a very lonely season of life and I couldn't be more grateful for this addition to our homeschooling life. Because of the time lost with the kids being at "school" we still have lots of catch up to do at home so we really won't have a summer break but it will be nice not to be in the car so much. Nevertheless, we hated saying goodbye especially to Grace's teacher and her classroom assistant. Both of whom were very special to Grace this year. Grace's teacher poured into her so much love and affection and I am thankful that Grace had the joy of being in her classroom. Her teacher is re-locating to another state so our goodbyes were difficult but our memories will last forever. Here is a sampling our our end of the year party.....

Grace and Mrs. Emery (I swear they could be sisters)

Grace and her classroom assistant, Mrs. Carver
The next few shots are of Grace and her buddies

The Food....we have had some of the most creative dishes this year.
Grace's teacher had each of the students create a book where their classmate wrote things about each other. Here, Mrs. Emery is reading what Grace's class wrote about one told me to bring the tissues.

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