Saturday, June 19, 2010


It is Summertime and I LOVE IT!!! After months of endless complaining about the cold and the snow I am in my glory soaking up the warmth and sunshine. I couldn't be happier. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, I can go outside without 10 layers of clothing, the kiddos can play outside all day. It is just wonderful. We have been quite busy, doctor and dentist appointments galore, VBS, home repairs and lots of yard work. Yes, yard work.....I have never been one that enjoys yard work or gardening but given the fact that the color just explodes out here in the west during the summertime we have wanted to spruce up our yard with some color so we have been digging out and planting some new plants and it has been fun. The kids have even gotten in on the gardening. I can't wait until next year when we hopefully see the fruits of our labor. Here are a few shots of summertime so far.....

These are our iris's which just popped out. They were planted by the previous owners of our house and are such a treat.

We have two bird feeders and absolutely love watching the birds. The birds frequently fly into our large window on the back of the house and here is veterinarian Grace and her assistant Emily nursing a little finch back to health. He survived his accident thankfully.

These next shots are of our trip to a place called Glenwood Springs. We went there a couple of times last summer and loved it so we decided to go again. We swam in the hot springs pool and did a few incredible hikes. The snow was melting therefore the rivers were raging which was a little scary for this mom as we hiked some narrow trails right above that fast moving water. Nevertheless, I am always struck by the incredible detail of God's perfect creation as we get out and enjoy HIS beauty.
Here are the girls after a busy day, enjoying a snack in bed before night, night.

Grace in the hot springs pool
I took this shot last year of the pool. It is amazingly kind of swimming.
On our hike
I had to have my Starbucks
The hikers

Hanging on tight to my girl.

Silly Grace

Serious Grace
Here are some shots of what we saw during our hike

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Football & Fried Rice said...

Glenwood Springs is so gorgeous!! So are you girls ;)

Welcome Summer - in a BIG way, we have missed you!!!!