Friday, May 28, 2010

A visit from one of my Chatty Sisters

As you may see from this marathon posting session, we have been busy as bees around here and I haven't even posted anything concerning school activities. I am literally counting the days to when I can soak in the easy livin' of summertime but we still have a couple more days of busyness and then I can breathe a sigh.

In addition to celebrating Cody's 13th birthday we had a visit from one of my chatty sisters and her family. I have posted a few times about this group of women who I came to know online while we were waiting to travel to adopt our Emily. A bond formed between all of us during that time and then we were able to pass that love for each other down to our daughters. Describing what we share as a group of women and daughters is beyond words. We spend our days chatting online which we love but when we are able to get together face to face...the fireworks fly. Our family was treated to a special visit from Julie, Caroline and their family as they were beginning their vacation here in the west. We were so appreciative that they took the time for a visit with us. They only spent one night but it was packed full of lots of fun. We wore them out squeezing in as much as we could. All the kids got along beautifully. And as always I stood in awe as I watched how Emily and Caroline seemed to pick up right where we left off last time we were together. Emily and Caroline spent their days in China together in the same Foster Care Villiage in Kunming, China so I am convinced that there is a unique connection that these two little girls have to each other simply because they shared something very special during the beginning of their lives.

Julie and company, thanks for sharing a bit of your vacation with us....we loved having you.

Emily and Caroline
The chatty mommies and the "Sisters Chinese"

Me and Julie
Super Silliness

Hiking fun on a BEAUTIFUL CO day
The whole gang

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