Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Mother's Day!

My Mother's Day will go down in the books as being one of the BEST! My man and my kiddos did a fabulous job of making me feel extra special. I was truly celebrated and loved on throughout the day which made it such a wonderful day. One of the things that made the day so out of the ordinary was the fact that I didn't have to cook all day...YAY ME! For those of you who know me, you know that I basically am in my kitchen non-stop. Between having my man and kids home all the time and no feeding schedule I literally cook all the time. We seldom ever eat out in fact before Mother's Day we had not been out for dinner since a few days before Christmas therefore not having to cook and going out for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants was all I needed to feel like the greatest mom in the world. I splurged and had a yummy steak, delicious mashed potatoes and fried cheesecake for dessert and then we went for a hike at a beautiful location. We were blessed with incredible weather for the day which I loved since I was so done with the snow in May. Each year I love being reminded that I have this awesome job of being a mommy to 3 incredible kiddos who I get to love on every day, 1 precious boy who is loving me from Heaven and a darling little brown-eyed boy who is waiting in China for his mama to scoop him up and love him for the rest of his life. It doesn't get any better than that!

My Babies
Darling girls

He was the first to make me a mom.
I am so blessed to have this one to call mine.

Another sweetie who calls me mama.

I couldn't be more happy than to be surrounded by my loves just missing 2.

The beginning of our hike

I never tire of these views...God's beauty blows me away!

A family of deer came to visit during our hike...another thing I don't get tired of is seeing the wildlife

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