Sunday, December 20, 2009

Change of Heart

Our God is so incredibly amazing and I absolutely love how He can reach out from Heaven and touch us so intimately. We don't always recognize those touches but when we do...WOW! I experienced one of those touches last night. It was more like a prick of the heart in reminding me of who He is and what He has done for me. Of course this was right on the heels of my posting yesterday about how bummed I was that it wasn't "feeling like Christmas". Well, as I sat in worship last night I knew that I was in for a good attitude adjustment from the first few words of our pastors' teaching. He encouraged us not to miss the moment of coming into contact with the not over shoot our destination and wake up in January and wonder what we had missed. He went on to remind me that it is not the nostalgic celebration of Christmas that changes us but the power of the season is WORSHIP. Yes, worship. How in the world could I have allowed myself to get so caught up in the "events" that create nostalgia and warm fuzzies that I literally was ignoring my need to "fall on my knees" and worship my Savior and what a unique opportunity I have with a season of quietness in my life to truly engage with "an open heart" the Incarnation. Each year we all have this special time of celebration to purposefully move away from the trappings that the world offers to become superficial and frantic in our celebrations and truly approach the living God.
I love being convicted in my is not always pleasant but reminds me that my heart is still soft. Oh how I always want to maintain a heart that is tender to my Lord. So, I came home last night with the music of "O Holy Night" filling my mind and a new attitude of the heart to take my emotions away from the "events" of Christmas that give me warm fuzzies and take the time to fall on my knees and deeply engage the coming of My Lord. I pray that you will do the same.
With Love and a Repentant Heart,


Football & Fried Rice said...

Oh, girl -

How human you are. How human we all are. I was reading your previous post & completely understanding your feelings. We just get so WRAPPED UP in this life. And what are we missing? When all that matters is that we are missing out on Him.

I have tears thinking of how I have hurt Him this year in my hurrying about and my worry and my own lonliness and my own selfish desire to be fulfilled with things of this world. How short I fall.

Thanks for the reminder to fall at His feet & be awed. That is truly the Christmas Spirit.

Love you,

Becky said...

I am right there with you... puts a whole different perspective on things! I loved the sermon too!