Sunday, November 9, 2008

Friends in China

Good Sunday Morning to everyone! I pray that each of you are having a glorious Lord's Day. The kids and I are home sick today while Mike, being the only one who hasn't gotten the "yuckies" was able to go to church. As all of you mom's know life is not fun when your kids are sick and we have had a week of the "yuckies" making their way to all of us. We are looking forward to feeling better soon. With my house being quiet for the moment and no one needing tyenole, cough medicine, tissues or cuddles I am afforded a little bit of computer time. I just love checking in with all of you in my blogging world. I love seeing how you are loving on your familes and enjoying life. I am encouraged and inspired by your faith. Speaking of wonderful friends who inspire me, my chatty friend Sarah and her beautiful family are currently in China to receive the blessing of their precious son Hudson. Sarah's tenderness and passion for her husband, children and the Lord always encourages me to go deeper in my walk with the Lord and relationship with my husband and kids. The song that is playing on her blog was written by her brother, Luke and reminds me of just how intimately God is acquainted with each and everyone of his precious creations and HE loves us ALL no matter how great or how small. All of HIS children are beautiful in HIS sight. I hope that you will be blessed in following The Strand Family's journey to Hudson. I have lots of pics to share of all the fun we have been having but I need to get them organized first. We are gearing up for a very busy holiday season and I am looking forward to establishing some new traditions with our new friends in this new place we now call home. Wishes to all of you for a great day!

Love and Hugs,

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