Friday, June 20, 2008

Vacation and Summertime

Emily and a new friend (adopted from Guatemala
Eating a plain marshmallow

Not so sure about roasting marshmallows.

EEW a bug!

Emily enjoying a swing. She just need a glass of lemonade.
One of my favorite shots of Emily.

Exploring the corn in the vegetable garden.

Admiring the flowers
The girls were careful to touch but not pick.

Taking an afternoon nap with Aunt Cynthia

Cody and my cousins son showing off their muscles

Such cuties!

After a week away vacationing in Callaway Gardens we are back home. We have actually been home for over a week but I haven't had an opportunity to post about our trip. Our time away was nice with the change of scenery good for the heart, mind and soul. We didn't get a break from the heat and humidity though. It was hotter in west central GA than it was at home but nevertheless it is always nice to get away from the mundane things of life. My husband's family has been going to Callaway Gardens for over 40 years and it is truly a family vacation. It is always a time of rest and we love it that we don't have to be anywhere at a certain time, that is unless you choose a timed activity and of course we all take turns cooking dinner each night and it is always at a certain time. There are plenty of activities and attractions if you desire but we mostly like to sit around enjoying our breakfast, take a few bike rides. enjoy the flowers and butterflies and spend time with the kids. We spent more time with the kids this year in that none of them participated in the kids recreational program which limited some activities for me and Mike but it was fun having them all around and they enjoyed spending lots of time with Mike's sister, Aunt Cynthia. She has lots of energy for entertaining Cody, Grace and Emily and is much more creative than I am. They created clubs, built imaginary club houses, climbed trees and explored a vast array of bugs....YES bugs. For some reason our cabins and the surrounding area was filled with bugs. I HATE BUGS of all types and Emily has acquired my hatred although Grace loves them. We were constantly killing various creepy crawlies so that Emily wouldn't freak out but despite her freak outs she eagerly examined all kinds of creatures at the Butterfly Center during a bug demonstration and even got up close and personal with a snake at a snake encounter (thankfully I wasn't present for that one). I don't have pictures of those yet but will post as soon as I get them from my sister in law. We swam in the lake and the pool, played putt putt golf and Emily tried out roasted marshmallows which she didn't like. She had looked forward all day to the Marshmallow Roast on the beach around the lake and once we charred the marshmallow she informed me that she didn't like black marshmallows. That was it, she didn't want to try anymore. We visited with family and ate lots of yummy food. My grandparents and cousins little boy came for a visit for a day and Mike's cousin and his wife also visited with us. We had the pleasure of meeting a friend of my sister in law who has an adopted daughter from Guatemala. She was precious and Emily and Grace enjoyed having a playmate. We only took one bike ride this year which was a little disappointing given that bike riding is our favorite thing to do at Callaway. Cody did well during the week with his sugar levels staying pretty normal despite the fact that we were out of the controlled environment of home and having to accommodate meals that others prepared. I relaxed a little bit on my nagging him about what and when he was eating, I didn't count every chip and cracker and I didn't ask him for a finger for a stick constantly. I think that we all needed this change of scenery and breath of fresh air. After Cody's diagnosis I have to admit that I was slipping into "a pit". I was quickly descending into the murky, miry clay of anger, despair, fatigue and fear. I couldn't see it until I was able to leave the everyday life of home and relax in a different environment. It also helped that God so beautifully allowed me to stumble across Beth Moore's book "Out of the Pit" just days before we left. Beth Moore's teachings ALWAYS inspire me to become more passionate and dedicated to the God who created me but this book truly transformed my "stinking thinking". It doesn't mean that I am not walking on the edge of the pit daily but it does mean that I know it is there and I am going to fight against choosing to jump in and set up house. SOOOO, we are trudging along in life....back at home, trying to stay on top of the dishes, laundry, toys and the rest of the clutter that fills our home. Cody is loving staying up late and sleeping in and is looking forward to Art and Clay Camp and Grace and Emily love every chance they get to swim and be outside. A couple of days a week we visit with my nephews and my sister who is just weeks away from giving birth to my newest niece Bella. Oh I just can't want for this little girl to get here. She is going to be in for a wild ride with two brothers and two cousins who are so ready for another girl. Well that is about it for Summertime and Easy Living....did I really just write "Easy Living"? I still have a few more exciting things to share but again will have to hold off until another post.
HAPPY SUMMER! Eat lots of watermelon and peaches (my favorite summertime foods).


Anonymous said...


It sounds like your vacation was absolutely perfect and full of simple summertime pleasures!


Becki party of 5 said...

I love all the pics Nichole, thanks for posting them! I can't believe how big the girls look together! (and adorable, of course!)
Glad you had such a nice vacation.