Monday, June 23, 2008

Blooming in the Night

There is a flower that blooms only once a year along the banks of the intercoastal waterway where we live. It is called the Night-blooming cereus and they pop out for a few days in the month of June. The past week they have been popping out with large, stunning white-and-yellow flowers that open well after dark and close forever by morning, in a once-a-year explosion of beauty. The blooms come from an unlikely-looking cactus vine, a gangly snake of a plant that often drapes the trunks of palm trees up and down the riverfront in front of our home.
What is amazing about this incredibly beautiful flower is that each flower only blooms one night a year and the bloom only stays open for a few minutes. Mike was able to snap some shots of this gorgeous flower on Sunday morning before daylight and as I was looking at the photos I was reminded of how often our lives look like a "gangly snake of a plant" on the outside but there is just waiting for that perfect time, an exquisite bloom to pop out and reveal God's beauty. I am in awe of my God...His creation is filled with such unique and beautiful things such as this once a year flower. He presented these gifts to us for our enjoyment and delight. Gifts that make the confusion, sadness, pain and hurt a little easier to absorb if we will just take the time to notice. How many times have you received a bouquet of flowers and felt a surge of happiness fill you. God gives us bouquets of his creation each day to make us smile and as a reminder of just how much He loves us. If you have a chance today soak in God's creation...stop to smell the flowers, watch a bee buried in a flower or a butterfly flutter, or a sunrise/sunset or simply just allow a bloom inside of you to "pop" allowing others to see God's beauty in you.
I have LOTS to share but it seems as though the demands of home, family and summertime don't give me alot of time to give a report of what we have been up to lately. We enjoyed our vacation to Callaway Gardens (more about that in another post), Mike is winding down his time in the office, I got my braces off, WOO HOO. Cody is doing much better with the Diabetes stuff (thanks to everyone who has been praying for us) and Grace and Emily well they just make me smile (except when they are arguing and whining). I am hoping to have some time to post some news and pics later this week.
Thanks again for checking in and ENJOY GODS BEAUTIFUL WORLD!


Ami said...

Thanks for sharing!! That flower is looking marvelous and unique.

Amy Jo said...

Wow, Nichole! God's been teaching me something very similar in my own life...don't you love that?!? Sending you love, Sweet Sister! Blessings & JOY, Amy

Kimber said...

What a beautiful shot and I love what you wrote. So true.