Friday, March 21, 2008

The Winds of Change

As the winds of our lives blow we often find that the strong air that wisks through will many times bring a change in direction. These winds can be unsettling and confusing but can be God's way of stirring our spirits to prompt us to move from one place to another. Sometimes it can be a spiritural change of direction while others can be more of an emotional re-location and then many times it can be of the physical type change when we are called upon to do something that is more of an outward change as opposed to an inward. Well, the winds of change have been blowing through our family recently. I feel as though the Lord has really been stirring us, shifting our foundations, calling us to step out of our comfort zones and trust Him. I hate stepping out of my comfort zone and dislike anything that resembles change but it seems as though the Lord has been working in my heart reassuring me that "change is good". As we have surrender our wills to Him, opened our hearts and minds to see what He might have on the horizon for our family, He has slowly impressed upon our hearts things that have caused us to re-evalulate many situations in the life of our family. As we have considered the incredible duty and honor of being a mom and dad to Cody, Grace and Emily we have felt an incredible sense that we could be doing more at building them up and equipping them to stand strong in the world in which we live. We have felt passionate about protecting them from things that they are not emotional ready to see and hear while giving them safety in questioning things that just don't make sense to their little hearts and minds. I believe that as a mom I have longed to have more of those "nighttime moments" when I get a window into the heart of my children. We have felt that we are missing so many teachable opportunities to cause them to consider who they are in the eyes of the Lord and it has been through these longings that we have felt a strong "calling" to homeschool the children next year. It has been such a BIG decision in that I had always said that "I would NEVER homeschool". I had always had such admiration for those families who did but never felt that I could do it and so when the Lord began prompting me with ideas of homeschool I quickly rejected them. He continued to prompt and it wasn't until I surrendered to His "call" that His peace fell upon us. So I just have to say...."be careful of what you say that you will "NEVER" do.

We are excited as well anxious about what next year will look like in the life of our family. Homeschooling is not an easy task and we know that there will certainly be challenges but I truly have been amazed at what is available to homeschooling families and think that it certainly will be a fun adventure which will give us the opportunity to soak up precious moments with our children. We have told both Cody and Grace and they have slowly warmed to the idea and although I know that they have a little anxiousness about the unknown ways of homeschooling they are growing in excitement as we explore curriculums, activities and all of the other options that we have available to us. We have also been slowing sharing our news with others and have been amazed at the reactions of people as we have announced our decision. Never would I have thought that the simple act of homeschooling could bring about such emotional responses from individuals. People really have strong opinions regarding how and where the education of children takes place which was very surprising to me because I have always felt that there advantages and disadvantages to all types of education and that what is good for one family or for that matter, one child may not be for another. Parents simply have to educate their children in the ways that they feel are best for their individual children. Fortunately, we have experienced encouragment from family as well as friends and although they may not fully understand the why's of our decision they are supporting us and many have applauded this change. I know that many families choose different paths of educating their children and am thankful that we live in a country that offers parents such a vast array of educational options. For this reason we have confidence in taking our homeschooling decision on a year to year basis. It is very possible that this change will only be for a season in the life of our family and then again it could be something that is more long term. But for however long the Lord directs us to have our children home we will be faithful to obey knowing that being in the center of HIS will is the best place to be for us and our kids.

Thanks to all of you who have encouraged us in our decision, provided information and resources and simply prayed for us as we have made this decision. As I said it will be an adventure that I am sure will stretch us and grow all of us in ways that only the Lord can.

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Denise said...

Just wanted to let you know that we are leaving for China on Thursday to get Maggie!

I thank you again for your inspiration~