Friday, March 21, 2008

1 Year Gotcha Day

I am catching up on some blogging this morning and have quite alot to say and lots of news to report but this will probably be my last post for today given that Cody and Grace are home from school today and we are going to try to dye and decorate some Easter Eggs. But before I sign off my computer for the day I wanted to write a quick post to note that on Feb.26 we celebrated our 1 year anniversary of Emily's Gotcha Day. Much to my disappointment the day passed without much celebration outwardly but deep in my heart I was rejoicing about how special that day was. It was a day in which the emotions that filled me will be imprinted upon my heart forever. I will never forget seeing Emily for the first time dressed in pink overalls. I will never lose the feeling of the moment I first felt her in my arms and the emotions that flooded my heart as we experienced the fulfillment of the miraculous events that brought her into our family. It was a day of quite reflection as I basked in the joy and knowledge that the blessings that have fallen upon me during this past year as a result of being Emily's mommy have been precious gifts from a God who longs to lavish me with His love. It has been a year of adjustments, challenges as well as incredible and indescribable joys and as I witness the flower which has bloomed within our daughter I see God's divine perfection in His plans. We can't always "see His hand but we can ALWAYS trust His heart". Emily has grown and blossomed into such a confident and secure little girl with such a witty and playful personality. And it just keeps getting better. But most of all she is FULL of love. Her constant verbal and physically expressions of love make my heart soar and bring such happiness into our days. What joy fills my heart that we were chosen to be her family.

Thank you, my precious Emily for teaching me how simple and beautiful deep love can be. For allowing me to see Jesus in you and for touching me in such a way that I will never be the same.
Thank you, my loving Cody, for allowing God to speak to your heart and directing our paths to the gift of Emily
Thank you, to my sweet Grace, for being patient and kind for taking the time to learn how to fall in love with your sister.
And most of all thank you, to my adoring Mike, for everything....your patience, your kindness, your love and willingness to lead us through the waters of life. For constantly seeking the Lord and being our provider and protector and for always being willing to listen to the voice of God no matter where it leads us.

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