Monday, July 15, 2013

Fun, Family and FLORIDA!

I was blasted with a reminder this weekend as walked into Target and saw the Back to School display that summer is a little more than half way complete.  That makes me sad because this is my most favorite time of year.  I absolutely love warm weather, relaxed schedules, warm weather, sleeping in, pool days, yummy summer fruits and did I say warm weather.  And while the revolving door of neighborhood kiddos in and out of my house makes cleaning about like trying to "brush your teeth while eating oreos" I have loved seeing the kids having fun and enjoying being outside.  Ahhhh..summertime and the living is not so bad.  We haven't done anything spectacular since returning from our visit to FL but the backyard fun here at home has made for some memorable times.  In honor of summer here are loads of pics from our recent trip to FL.  Wish I hadn't forgotten my camera so the phone had to suffice......Happy Times!!!
Beach Day Fun

Cooking at Grandmas!

My dad built this Cobra and Joshua found his favorite spot in the drivers seat.

Ready for a spin!

The tractor would have to do!

Bee found his little helper.

Now this is what happens when the cousins get together....

A nighttime swim is a perfect end to a perfect day

Super silliness before lunch at my favorite luncheon spot in Cocoa Village

Here we all are in our "old stomping grounds"  My dad and the boy who made him "Bee"

My beautiful girl

Another beautiful girl.

Cousins are the BEST!!!!

The kids spent their days in the pool.

My sweet niece Bella

Grace was on a constant look out for lizards which fortunately are plentiful in FL.

Lily, my sisters Labrador had been chasing this lizard for days and was eager for Grace to award the efforts of her lizard hunting labor.
Rainy days are good for a trip to the Bookstore and some hat fun.

Everyone needs a "Bee" to help with the fishing....Joshua and my nephew, Garrett fishing in my sisters back yard.

Grace and Emily enjoyed some time with Mikes mom and sister.  Dress up tea parties are tons are fun!

More Pool Fun!

Dinner out with the FAM!  We love good food especially when we can eat together.

This is my life......

Cody with Nana and Grandaddy
Nammy and Bee with their girls.

I just had to get a pic with Lily....She is the sweetest dog.

Nothing like an afternoon nap!

We enjoyed a wonderful evening with Pastor Erick and his kiddos.  Jenna is his gorgeous daughter from Taiwan.  She and Emily look like sisters.

This was a terrible shot with my phone but I had to include it because it reminds me of how much I love these two, my sister and Erick.  This was our last night and a perfect ending to a wonderful trip.  Can't wait for the next visit!

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