Thursday, November 1, 2007

Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

On Tuesday, October 30 as we were leaving for 2 days at Disney we dropped by a local pumpkin patch to take our annual pictures. Florida pumpkin patches are not exactly like those in other areas which have more of a "farm type atmosphere". Most of our "patches" are offered by churches but still give us Florida residents a place to purchase pumpkins and other fall decorations as well as spots to pretend we are in a real pumpkin patch and take photos. Not sure whether we would get our picture taken or not due to Tropical Storm Noel we dressed the girls in their pumpkin dress and treked through the mud at the nearest church parking lot to the best looking crate of pumpkins for the picture. It was windy and rainy but we manage to snap a few shots. Cody wasn't very enthusastic about taking a picture so we settled for just the girls. I really love these pictures because they really remind me of my love of Fall. I simply enjoy everything about this season and always have. Of course in Florida it really never feels like Fall but nevertheless I still love the way the sun sets in the sky and even in Florida we do get an ocassional briskness that lets me know that there has been a change of season. I truly believe that God gives us a change of weather to refresh our spirits through the newness of a season and I hope you all are enjoying the beauty of God's refreshment of Autumn.

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