Wednesday, July 2, 2008


WOW! Look what our God made....Isn't HE awesome!


Jeanette said...

Beautiful picture and YES, He is awesome!!!

Amy Jo said...

Awesome, indeed! What a beautiful sunset! Thanks for sharing! Of course, even more beautiful is His creation of YOU!!! Love you, Amy

Dawn said...

Hi Nichole!
I love this picture... and I also love what you wrote about your upcoming move. I am so in love with CO, but Pete loves to visit it! I want to move there! You definitely have a way with words.
The kids look fabulous... hang in there sweetie! We will be praying for you.

Becki party of 5 said...

Wow, gorgous picture! God is GOOD!
Hope to SEE you in Sept. in CO!! :)
Love you lots.

Kim said...

Such a gorgeous picture!!! I love how nature speaks to the glory and majesty of God--the Creator of heaven and Earth! He is awesome!

Thank you so much for your sweet sweet comments on my blog! Your words have encouraged me...I appreciate that so much!

Kim said...

And...I have a question for you.(if you don't mind) Since you have adopted from China and had young children at the time, did you leave your kids while traveling? That has been so hard for us to work through...if you go to my adoption blog, you can read all about it...maybe you have some wisdom to share with me. I would appreciate anything that could help us with our decision!

Denise said...

Just beautiful~

Jeanette said...

Nichole, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog post about my lack of a girley life right now! Too bad you don't live closer, we could go to the spa together! You are such an encouragement to me, thank you for your prayers!